Wednesday , 19 June 2019
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Student Managment System Project in Visual C#

Student Managment System Project in Visual C# Student Management System Developed in C#.NET & SQL Server, in this Application you will maintain Student record. There are many facilities in this application, you can use this application and save much time. Student Management System one of the most usable application software. You have seen many private or non-private College or Schools …

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Introduction of C/C++ in urdu/hindi|C++ Tutorials for beginners in hindi

The programming languages ​​C and C ++ are widely used in industry and research. Examples of software written in C or C ++ are many, for example: operating systems, computer games or even the control software for the Mars robot “Curiosity”. Main reasons for using C and C ++ over other programming languages ​​are high performance and explicit control over …

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