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Types of Computer Language

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Types of computer languages:-
There are two types of computer languages
1.low-level languages
2.high-level languages
low-level languages
low-level languages are machine codes the form of zero send one
The computer can understand and execute in the form of machine codes only


There are two types of low-level languages
Machine language
Assembly language
Machine language
The set of instruction a processor understand
Machine languages are binary bits which the computer understand.
It does not need any translator program
Machine language machine dependent
The machine codes and ones are recognized as electric signals by the computer
Assembly languages
Assembly language in which each statement corresponds instruction
operation codes and operands are given in the form of alphanumeric symbols Mnemonics codes
Assembly language is converted in machine code by a programmer called assembler
Assembly language machine dependent
High-level languages
Formats close to the English language that enables people to write programs easily in their own native language
High-level languages are machine independent
High-level languages are easy to read write and maintain
programs are written in high-level language translated into machine language a compiler or interpreter
examples of high-level languages are BASIC, PASCAL,C,C++,JAVA

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Assembly Language
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