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How Variables & Constants are works in C++

variables & constant in c++

How Variables & Constants are works in C++ . Variables in C++ act as a memory location, it is nonentity but the name of the ampule or component that stores the data or values that are being used in the program later for implementation. Variables are the most significant part of any programming language. Any programming language is imperfect without …

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While Loop in C/C++ with example

while loop

While Loop in C/C++ In C language, to write a while statement (repetitive while) the syntax is used: while (<logical_expression>) { <block_of_instructions> } When the <instruction_block> contains only one instruction, the characters open key ({) and close key (}) are optional. On the other hand, as in the double and simple alternative instructions, the <logical_expression> of a while repetitive statement …

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Data Types in C and C++ Free Video Tutorial

Data Types in C and C++

Data Types in C and C++ There are five basic data types associated with variables in C and C++ int – integer: a whole number(No Decimal Point). float – floating point value: ie a number with a fractional part(e.g 5.2 ,144.2). double – a double-precision floating point value. char – a single character. void – valueless special purpose type which we will examine closely in …

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