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Computer Fundamental

What is Computer Hardware Components in Urdu Hindi

What is Computer Hardware Components in Urdu Hindi:- Hardware is a physical component of a computer system. it refers to the electromechanical parts and devices that make up a computer generally hardware is categorized according to which of the five basic computer operation it performs central Processing Unit Memory storage devices input devices output devices CPU types microprocessor or CPU …

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windows 10 tricks and hacks in urdu

windows 10 tricks and hacks in Urdu:-   In this video, you will learn how to prevent computer to suddenly shut down. In this video, we will teach you windows 10 tricks and computer magic tricks. Our best try is that on this website we will teach you amazing computer tricks.   Download :-

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Desktop Application Vs Web Application in urdu

Desktop Application Vs Web Application in Urdu In this tutorial, you will learn what is a difference between Desktop Application and Web Application in Urdu. In this video, there is good information about Desktop Application and Web Application.

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What are the Registers in Computers Organization?

What are Registers in Computers Organization? The register is high-speed memory CPU registers are used by the CPU.Early store data intermediate results during processing. Registers are the fastest type of memory used by the CPU, even faster than level 1 cache. generally, data register in at one time the faster the CPU. register size usually matches and so it is …

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Types of Computer Language

Types of computer languages:- There are two types of computer languages 1.low-level languages 2.high-level languages low-level languages low-level languages are machine codes the form of zero send one The computer can understand and execute in the form of machine codes only   There are two types of low-level languages Machine language Assembly language Machine language The set of instruction a …

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How to describe Computer Hardware and Software

How to describe Computer Hardware and Software What is the difference between hardware and software on computers Software and hardware, what difference is there between the two main components of a personal computer? If you are wondering what the difference is between software and hardware, this article will help you not to get confused. You can thus avoid bad figures …

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Generation and history of computer with pictures

Generation and history of a computer with pictures In 1971, the Italian engineer F. Faggin and the Americans T. Hoff and S. Mazer produced the first microprocessor of the INTEL (4004), that is, the first integrated circuit that can condense in a 4 x 3 cm silicon chip, thanks to 2250 transistors, a complete logical unit of a computer (chip), …

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