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Data Communication

Types of Network Connectors

Types of Network Connectors

We will discuss about types of Network Connectors in Data Communication. Network Connector is a device that terminates a segment of cabling or provides a point of entry for networking devices such as computers. There are many types of network connectors. 1. USB (Universal Serial Bus) A single USB port is a type of network connector and can be used …

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How does OSI Reference Model work in Data Communication?

How does OSI Reference Model work in Data Communication

How does OSI Reference Model work in Data Communication? let’s know about that concept about OSI Reference Model in data communication. How does OSI Reference Model work in Data Communication? In this tutorial, we will discuss that. The Open Systems Interconnection model is a conceptual means a logical model that characterizes and standardizes the communication functions of a telecommunication or …

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UnGuided Media and its Types in Computer Network

unguided media in computer network

Unguided Media and its Types in Computer Network Unguided Media and its types in Computer Network transmission are one media types in which data is travel using no physical medium, Unlike the Bounded media in which data is travel through physical media. Unguided media is also called Wireless Media Transmission. The Unguided Media uses an antenna and Electronomegnetive Waves. The …

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How do Network Transmission Media works?

network media types

A communication channel that is used to carry the data from the source to the receiver through the electromagnetic signals. Transmission media is categorized into two types namely wired media & wireless media. The medium features of wired media are more significant but, in wireless media the signal features are important. This kind of transmission media is also recognized as wired otherwise …

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Network Devices and their Functions

network devices

Network devices and their functions is an article through which readers can understand about different functions of networking devices and their functions with examples. Bellow are some common networking devices Repeater:- A repeater is a network device that retransmits a conventional signal with additional power and to a lengthy physical or topological network border than what would be capable with …

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CCNA Networking Basics for beginners|Routing and Switching


What is a Router:- The router, at least the common home network device that is usually called a router, is the piece of network hardware that allows communication between your local home networks—like your personal computers and other connected devices. The router is a physical or virtual internetworking device that is designed to receive, analyze, and forward data packets between computer networks. A …

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Access Control List in CISCO

Access Control List in CISCO:- ACLs were the main methods for giving firewall security. Despite the fact that there are numerous different kinds of firewalls and contrasting options to ACLs in presence, they are as yet utilized today, even in mix with different innovations (like in virtual private systems to characterize which activity ought to be scrambled and sent by …

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