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CCNA Networking Basics for beginners|Routing and Switching


What is a Router:- The router, at least the common home network device that is usually called a router, is the piece of network hardware that allows communication between your local home networks—like your personal computers and other connected devices. The router is a physical or virtual internetworking device that is designed to receive, analyze, and forward data packets between computer networks. A …

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Access Control List in CISCO

Access Control List in CISCO:- ACLs were the main methods for giving firewall security. Despite the fact that there are numerous different kinds of firewalls and contrasting options to ACLs in presence, they are as yet utilized today, even in mix with different innovations (like in virtual private systems to characterize which activity ought to be scrambled and sent by …

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How DHCP Works

How DHCP Works:- What is DHCP? Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a system convention that empowers a server to naturally relegate an IP deliver to a PC from a characterized scope of numbers (i.e., an extension) arranged for a given system. How DHCP gives IP addresses DHCP allows an IP address when a framework is begun, for instance: A …

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What is VLAN and How it works

What is VLAN:- Stands for “Virtual Local Area Network,” or “Virtual LAN.” A VLAN is a custom system made from at least one existing LANs. It empowers gatherings of gadgets from various systems (both wired and remote) to be consolidated into a solitary consistent system. The outcome is a virtual LAN that can be directed to a physical neighborhood. With …

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what is VLAN and How it Works

What is VLAN(Virtual LAN) A virtual local area network (VLAN) is that type of network that virtual exist and logical group of devices (Computers or devices), servers and other network devices that appear in the same LAN despite their geographical location or distribution. A VLAN is a network that enable a network of devices and users to network in a …

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Networking Mini Projects in CISCO Packet Tracer using Router and Switch

Networking Mini Projects in CISCO Packet Tracer using Router and Switch:- Project Description:- In this Video project, we provide basic knowledge about networking mini projects in Cisco Routers and Switches can also troubleshoot problems in this small network. In this project, we use four Computers two Switches and two Routers. After watching the following video project you can build a small Cisco …

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Free CCNA Routing and Switching Video Training part 6

Free CCNA Routing and Switching Video Training part 6 In this video, you will learn CCNA Router and switching related topic. From this video, you will learn the basic concept of Routing and switching concept through commands. Free Download this Tutorial:- This is the download link from where you can download these materials.

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