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multiplexer in digital electronics
multiplexer in digital electronics

Digital Multiplexer using Logic Gates

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Digital Multiplexer using Logic Gates

In digital electronics, Multiplexer is a digital circuit which selects a single signal from any input signal and generates only one Signal Output. So, therefore, Multiplexer is also called Signal Selector. Signal Selector means more than one signals are received in input and user select only one signal according to his choice.

The best example of Multiplexer circuit is T.V ,A.C and other electronics remote circuit.

Following is the block diagram of Multiplexer which shows many inputs and only one output.

Block Diagram of Multiplexer

Block Diagram of Multiplexer

In above diagram A,B,C and D are input signals and small a,b are select signal. This select signals are used to select A,B,C and D singals. Q is a output signal.

The truth table is shown bellow, in which A and B are selector signal and Y is a output which is showing DO,DI,D2 and D3 Output.

  1. When A and B selector signal is zero then in Y output DO is signal is generated in output, Other output signals are blocked.
  2. When A is 1 and B is zero then D1 signal is allowed to go output, others inputs are blocked.
  3. When A is 0 and B is 1 then the D2 signal is allowed to generate output.
  4. Finally when A and B both are 1 then D3 is allowed to generate output.

Truth Table of Multiplexer.

Truth table of Multiplexer

Following is the circuit diagram of Multiplexer in which four AND Gates are used and one OR Gate is used. On the other hand tow invertors(Not Gates) are used with A and B selectors.

Circuit Diagram of Multiplexer.

Circuit diagram of Multiplexer

Video Tutorial of Multiplexer

Multiplexer in DLD

Learn Multiplexer from above tutorial and share with friends and familty members.

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