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Full Adder Truth Table and Circuit diagram

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Full Adder Truth Table and Circuit diagram

Full Adder Truth Table and Circuit diagram Tutorial tells you how full adder circuit works. Full Adder is a circuit is a very important digital circuit which is used in every electronics devices and digital circuits.

Actually, Full Adder is designed to overcome the drawbacks of Half Adder. Full Adder is a circuit that adds 3 bits A and B .Cin is Carry which is denoted by Cin. So Full adder has three columns which are A, B, and Cin.

Block Diagram of Full Adder

Above is a block diagram of Full Adder which shows that it has 3 inputs C(in) is a carry input and generates two outputs Sum (s) and Carry(c).

When A and B both are zero and Cin is also zero then Sum(S) and Cout both are zeros.

When Cin is One and A and B are zeros then only Sum(S) generate 1 and Cout become zero.

Truth Table of Full Adder

Truth Table shows that A,B and Cin is input and S and C outputs. As we know that if we have 3 input then a combination of inputs are eight (8) .When A,B and C are zero inputs then S and C are zero outputs. In last if A,B and C are one then S and C are one because 1+1+1=3 which binary is 1 and 1 .1 is the sum and 1 carries.

Circuit diagram of Full Adder

How Half Adder works in Digital Electronics

In the above diagram, XOR generates Sum output and three AND Gates and one OR Gate generate Carry output.

Below is a video tutorial of Full Adder in Digital Electronics watch this video understand this and share to your friends and other people.

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