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full adder
full adder in digital electronics

Full Adder in Digital Computer Electronics

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Full Adder in Digital Computer Electronics

Full Adder is a circuit is a very important digital circuit which is used in every electronics devices and digital circuits.

Actually Full Adder is designed to overcome the drawbacks of Half Adder. Full Adder is a circuit which adds 3 bits from which one bit is carry(in).

Block Diagram of Full Adder

Above is a block diagram of Full Adder which shows that it has 3 inputs C(in) is a carry input and generate two outputs Sum (s) and Carry(c).

Truth Table of Full Adder

Truth Table shows that A,B and Cin is input and S and C outputs. As we know that if we have 3 input then a combination of inputs are eight (8) .When A,B and C are zero inputs then S and C are zero outputs. In last if A,B and C are one then S and C are one because 1+1+1=3 which binary is 1 and 1 .1 is the sum and 1 carries.

Circuit diagram of Full Adder

In the above diagram, XOR generates Sum output and three AND Gates and one OR Gate generate Carry output.

Below is a video tutorial of Full Adder in Digital Electronics watch this video understand this and share to your friends and other people.

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