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How Database Management System Works?

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How Database Management System Works & Types of DBMS? Does this Tutorial have a complete concept about how the database management system works? Data is king and the whole world is running after data. There is a huge amount of discovered and undiscovered data available in this universe.

DBMS helps to organize data in a such a way that they can be properly managed and monitor the database to provide useful information.

 How Database Management System Works? DBMS helps us create, store, retrieve, update, data in efficient manors etc. the data using organized channel.

How Database Management System Works?

How does Unguided media works?

There are three important terms that we should be aware of:

  1. Data.
  2. Information.
  3. Database.

What is data?

Data can be any input that is collected from various internal input devices and external sources pertaining to certain entities having real existence. So data can be a place, person, species, mobile numbers, etc.

What is information?

The data represented in organized form and structured format that can help in evaluating certain problems or making decision is termed as information in computer. So we can take decision on information.

Salary slip of employees, scorecard of students are all example of information

What is Database?

A database is a place where data is stored in a structured format, means database is formatted form of data. A database is an organized collection of data so that it can be easily accessed and managed data.

What is DBMS?

How Database Management System Works? Let’s know Database Management System or DBMS is a software or package for storing, retrieving, deleting, updating user’s data. DBMS allows users to create databases as per user requirements. So that DBMS is an intelligent software that takes the decision from input that is given by the user.

DBMS works as an interface (link)between the end user and the database.

Why DBMS is used?

why we use DBMS? it is an important question. A DBMS is system software for easy efficient and reliable data processing and management. DBMS can be used for the creation of a database, Retrieval, Updating, Deleting (popularly known as CRUD operation), and managing databases. So therefore DBMS is so popular that most people used DBMS.

Benefits of DBMS

  1. Data security. DBMS allows enforcing policies that enable compliance and security. Therefore databases are available for appropriate users according to organizational policies. 
  2. Data sharing. Fast and efficient sharing between different users.
  3. Uniform management and administration. A single interface to perform main administrative work makes the job very easier for database admins and IT users.

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