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How does Ajax work in Web Technologies?

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How does Ajax works in Web Technologies?

How does Ajax work in Web Technologies and why we use it? Ajax is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is used to communicate with the server without stimulating the web page and thus cumulative the user knowledge and better performance. How does Ajax work in web technologies in this tutorial we will discuss.

There are no such pre-requisites obligatory to understand the latter helping of the article. Only the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is good to go.

How Ajax works in web technologies?

How does Ajax work?

First, let us know what does asynchronous really mean. There are two kinds of needs synchronous as well as asynchronous. Synchronous needs are the one which follows sequentially i.e if one process is going on and in the same time additional process wants to be executed, it will not be allowable that means the only one procedure at a time will be executed.

This is not good since in this type most of the time CPU remainders idle such as during I/O operation in the procedure which are the order of magnitude slower than the CPU processing the instructions.

Thus to make the full use of the CPU and other resources use asynchronous calls. For more information visit this link. Why the word JavaScript is current here. Actually, the needs are made through the use of JavaScript functions. Now the term XML which is used to create XMLHttpRequest object.

How Ajax works?

Thus the summary of the above clarification is that Ajax allows web pages to be updated asynchronously by swapping small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes. Now discuss the important part and its application. For implementing Ajax, only be conscious of XMLHttpRequest object.

What is HTML?

Now, what really it is. It is an object used to exchange data with the server late the scenes. Try to recall the paradigm of OOP which says that object connects through calling means (or in general sense message passing). The same case applied here as well. Usually, make this object and use it to call the means which result in real communication. All current browsers support the XMLHttpRequest object.

With AJAX, a JavaScript can connect directly with the server, with the XMLHttpRequest object. With this object, a JavaScript can skill data with a web server, without reloading the page.

AJAX uses asynchronous data transmission (HTTP requests) among the browsers and the web server, allowing web pages to appeal small bits of information from the server instead of whole pages.

Ajax technology contains of five parts.

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • JavaScript
  • DHTML (Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language)

With the help of cooperation and teamwork of these technologies, they can enhance the conventional enterprise information system by using an asynchronous way. Meanwhile, a rapidly responded and smoother user interface was providing. Enterprise information system with Ajax can be operated in a more efficient way, which income even use the current hardware, it can deliver more load capacity, be more stable and serve additional clients in similar.

What is CSS?

On the back end, what’s actually happening is the server side and many parts of the web page are swapping data. And the state of the page is changing. Without AJAX techniques, the user would have to manually revive the page to see any validation their information has been positively transmitted. 

Other examples include Google Maps or Google autocomplete. We tend to income autocomplete for decided, but it’s a influential use case for the AJAX growth protocol.

Download Ajax Tutorial


The term AJAX has come to signify a broad group of web technologies that can be used to tool a web application that connects with a server in the contextual, without nosy with the present state of the page. To tool AJAX the following technologies are required:

  • XHTML (Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for presentation
  • the Document Object Model for dynamic display of and communication with data
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language) and XSLT (Extensible Stylish Language Transformation) for the trading, and manipulation and display, of data, respectively
  • the XMLHttpRequest (Extensible Markup Language Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) object for asynchronous communication

Why is Ajax Used?

Ajax is a web developer’s long term dream since the user can do the following things:

  • 1. Without reloading the page, the user appeal can be updated
  • 2. After the page is loaded, it makes data from the server.
  • 3. Receive data from the server after the page has overloaded.
  • 4. In the contextual, sends data to the server

Ajax Example

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