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How does Database Architecture work in DBMS?

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How does Database Architecture work in DBMS? It mean database architecture are two types which discussed below.

There are 2 types of database Architecture in DBMS. These are.

  1. 2 Layer or Tier Archtecture.
  2. 3 Layer or Tier Architecture.

Database 2 tier architecture

The application that is based on tier-2 architecture facilitates the client or the end-users to directly communicate with the database at the server-side. In this architecture, there is no interface between user and database. There is a direct connection between the User and the database. As shown in the figure.

In the figure, there are three clients’ Applications that communicate with the database. Therefore 2 tier database architecture is based on standard client-server architecture. The client Server database model actually works like a two-tier database architecture.

The application logic is either inside the user interface or on the client or within the database on the server.

How ER Modal works in DBMS.

2 layers of this architecture are:-

i) client layer (UI or application) .

Client side is Use Interface or it is also called Application running interface.

ii) database layer (server).

While database layer or tier is like Server where total amount of data is present.

  • In 2 tier architecture is easy to build and maintain compared to Tier-3 architecture, Because there is no third tier or layer so maintenance is easy and easy to install.
  • The two-tier architecture is run fast as compare to three-tier architecture.
  • It is less secure as the client is directly communicating with the database. Security is a big problem in a two-tier architecture.
  • It results in performance loss whenever users increase rapidly. It is clear that when the number of users is increased their performance slows down.
  • An example of two-tier Architecture is a Contact Management System created using MS- Access.

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