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How does DBA work in DBMS?

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How does DBA work in DBMS? DBA means Database Management System.

What is DBA?

How does DBA work in DBMS? In this tutorial, we discuss the role of DBA in DBMS. DBA stands for Database Administrator. Database Administration is a very critical and significant role in DBMS that involves managing and maintaining the database system. DBA works like an admin in the database management system. With DBA database management system does not work well because of all administrative power with DBA.

Who is DBA?

Database Administrator or DBA is a professional having certified skill who should know all about database different terminologies and should know about the concept about the database and good experience on RDBMS concepts that is used in the industry/organization like Oracle, Mysql, SQL server, etc. 

What is ER Model in DBMS?

DBA is the backbone behind any successful operating business. Database Administrator is a key person behind successful and good business, if DBA shows weakness in their work then a whole business can be affected.

Successful Business = Frontend + Backend + Database

Look at the equation that shows that if you want to promote your business then keep concentrate on the frontend, backend, and database.

Functions of DBA

  • There are some key functions that are very necessary for DBA.
  • Defining schema of the database,
  • Physical-organization modification.
  • Monitoring days wise performance of the database
  • Physical-organization modification.
  • Define the storage structure
  • DBA is the person who grants authentication for data access.
  • DBA also does routine maintenance of the database

Types of DBA in DBMS

  1. Administrative DBA
  2. Data warehouse DBA
  3. System DBA
  4. Development DBA
  5. Data Architect

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