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How to Create Blog in Blogspot

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How to Create Blog in Blogspot.com

1. Go to www.blogger.com
2. Enter your Google Email and password into the Sign In a box on the right side of the screen.
3. Click Sign In
 If you do not want your name on your blog, click Switch to a limited Blogger Profile
4. Confirm Profile by clicking the Continue to Blogger button at the bottom of the screen.

Blog Creating

After that, you click on New Blog button. Create a New Blog window should appear.
2. Type in a title for your blog in the Title box
3. In Address, bar writes the short Address.
4. Then Select a Template. When a template is selected, it will have a blue box around it.
              You must select a default template for now, but you will be able to customize it later.
5. Click Create Blog button.

Step 4. Post Creating

Click the button with a pencil picture on it. When you hover over it it should say Create New Post.
2. Type a title for your post in the post box
3. Bellow the Post Box type the Post Field.

Step 5 Understand Tool Bar.

1. To change your post click Undo
2. To change the Undo Click Redo.
3. Change your post font.
4. Change text size.
5. Click to make text into a heading, subheading
6. Bold Button Click
7. Click to italicize text
8. Click to underline text
9. Change the color text.
10. Highlight your text
11. Make the text into a link
12. To insert a Photo. A Select A File window should appear.
       Click the Choose File button. A File Upload window should appear
       Select a photo from your computer and click Open
Click the Add Selected button.
13. To insert Video. A Select A File window should appear.
       Click the Choose a video to upload button. A File Upload window should appear.
       Select a video from your computer and click the Open button.
14. Click to insert a jump break
15. Align a text.
16. Number your text.
17. Click to bullet your text.
18. Format a quote.
19. Click to remove any formatting on your text.
20. Spells on your post.

Step 6 Post Setting

1. To add labels to your post click the Labels tab to expand it.
     Then type labels into the text box and click Done
      These labels will be words readers can search for your post with.
2. To schedule a time for your post to go live, click the Schedule tab to expand it.
     Then choose Set Date and Time from the menu by clicking the circle next to it.
     Then select a date and time for the post to go live.
                You can do this by either typing in a date or selecting one from the calendar.
      Then click Done.
3. To customize your permalink, click the Permalink tab to expand it.
     Then select Custom Permalink by clicking the circle next to it.
     Then type in a custom permalink and click Done.
This is now the URL for your post.
4. To add your location, click the Location tab to expand it.
     Then type your location into the search bar and click Search. The map should show you your location.
     Then click Done.
5. The Options tab allows you to do many things once expanded
     To disallow or allow reader comments, choose the preferred option by clicking the circle next to it.
     To change the compose mode, choose the preferred option by clicking the circle next to it.
     To change the way line breaks are made, choose the preferred option by clicking the circle next to it.

Step 7 Finish Your Post

When you are done editing and customizing your post, click the Publish button. Your post is now published to your blog.

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