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Student Managment System Project in Visual C#

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Student Managment System Project in Visual C#

Student Management System Developed in C#.NET & SQL Server, in this Application you will maintain Student record. There are many facilities in this application, you can use this application and save much time.

Student Management System one of the most usable application software. You have seen many private or non-private College or Schools using this application. So, I want to share complete project, you can download this project on below section.

In this Application have many facilities such as Registration, Student Profile, Employee Profile, Salary Payment etc. These futures help you to manage record, you can use any facilities as you require. You Can Easily Add, Update, Delete, View, and Search Record as well. These are common options, these options available everyone applications.

Following code is written in Add Button:-

string query=”insert into student(id,name,address,gender,phone,age)values(‘”+textBox1.Text+”‘,'”+textBox2.Text+”‘,'”+textBox3.Text+”‘,'”+comboBox1.Text+”‘,'”+textBox4.Text+”‘,'”+textBox5.Text+”‘)”;
SqlDataAdapter sda = new SqlDataAdapter(query, con);

Above video, tutorial is about student management system in visual C#. See the whole video and share it with others.

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