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System Software and its types

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Most Important System Software and its types

Enables a computer to perform different tasks such as starting up, managing files and shutting down. There are several types of system software or operating system depending on the type of task they perform.

Basic tasks of System Software (Operating System):-

BIOS(Basic Input Output System)

This program is stored on a read-only chip on the motherboard.
It provides the software framework for controlling items, such as the cooling system’s temperature, fan speed, the details of how the processor will run and which hard drive (if the computer has more than one) to boot from. It acts as the interface between the operating system and the hardware.


Operating system

Once the operating system and system devices have been activated, the BIOS transfers control of the computer to the operating system.
• The operating system is very important system software.

Functions of operating system

The operating system performs several important tasks:

• Booting up Managing programs
• Managing files and directories
• Controlling system devices

  • Booting up & providing a user interface

Managing programs

• Operating system runs all system & application software stored on a computer.
• Any problem in the operating system means that neither system nor application software can run properly.

Managing files and directories

• It maintains files and folders by storing each file at a unique location in its memory.
• It can also change the location of the file if required by the user.
• It also allows the same file to be used by two different application programs.

Controlling system devices

• It controls system devices such as peripherals and drives.
• It ensures that the devices perform the exact function that is needed by the user.
• It coordinates between the devices & application programs.

Booting up & providing a user interface

.The operating system also helps in booting up process.
• Once the computer has been booted up, the user can work on it.
• User interface allows a user to communicate with the computer.

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