Saturday , 24 July 2021
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Top 5 Hidden Tips and Tricks of Computer

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Top 5 Hidden Tips and Tricks of Computer in Urdu Hindi:-

In this video many informative computer tips and tricks are available. So watch this video and share your friends.

In this Video, you can see 5 hidden Secrets of Computer in Urdu and Hindi. After watching this video you can speed up your computer and laptops and increase the booting power of Computer and laptops.

Following are 5 Steps:-

In the first Step, you will note that how to Defragment and computer.

In the second step, you will see how to remove unnecessary files from the computer.

In the third Step How to stop the Autorun program running on the computer.

In forth Step How to use AntiVirus in Computer and how it works.

and Finally, you will note that how to use Web Applications to use Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint and Ms Access.

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