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Top 5 Things you can do on Windows 10 which can not do in windows 8

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Top 5 Things you can do on Windows 10 which can not do in windows 8

In this blog i want to tell you top 5 thisngs you can do on windows 10 which can not do in windows 8.So lets go to try these tricks.

1.Add New Virtual Desktop.

Finally virtual work areas advance toward Windows, so all you power clients can spread out your applications across numerous screens (the taskbar and work area easy routes stay steady over every one of them). Snap the Task View button on the taskbar (or press Windows key+Tab) to raise an outline of your work areas, add new ones or eliminate existing ones.

2.Run the Modern apps on Desktop

We’ve just referenced a portion of the manners by which Microsoft is refining the tablet versus work area experience in Windows 10, and another improvement in this new OS is the capacity to run present day (otherwise known as Metro) applications in windowed mode just as full-screen mode. The actual applications have been improved as well, so they’re worth a subsequent look on the off chance that you didn’t care for the Windows 8 forms.

3. Analyze the Storage Space

In the pre-Windows 10 days, you expected to get an outsider application included on the off chance that you needed to investigate the format of documents and drives on your framework. With Windows 10, there’s an instrument worked in: Type “stockpiling” in the taskbar search box, pick the Storage setting, and you can see precisely what kinds of documents (like music or video) are occupying your hard drive room.

4. Manage your Notification

Windows 10 accompanies a redid Action Center that lives on the right-hand side of the work area and gives a flood of the relative multitude of notices that roll in from any application (not any more pondering precisely what Dropbox said while you were watching out of the window). Snap the notices symbol (a discourse bubble) in the framework plate to open and design it.

5. Put the Recycle Bin in Start Menu

Maybe not the most awesome new element introduced with Windows 10 yet a lot of you will think that its valuable at any rate—you can stick a Recycle Bin alternate way to the Start menu for the absolute first time (Windows 8 didn’t have a Start menu obviously). Quest for the Recycle Bin from the taskbar, right-click on the connection that shows up and pick Pin to Start. You can do likewise from File Explorer as well.

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