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Top 6 Fantastic iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks for 2021

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There are top 6 Fantastic iPhone 11 Tips and Tricks for every users wants 2021.

1. QuickTake

At times, you just want the phone camera to be faster so you don’t miss an inspiring scene. QuickTake lets you instantly swap to video by persistent the shutter throughout photo mode.
This way, you do not need to change from the usual camera mode to the video mode. The iPhone 11 features the A13 Bionic chip, which learns to track objects in motion mechanically in QuickTake mode.

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2. Fast Charging

The iPhone 11 does not propose a fast charging feature, but its promoted complements do. Rendering to Apple, you can charge the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max from zero to 50 out of a hundred power in 30 minutes. To attain this, you’ll need a charger with a higher power, and the iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max is Apple’s flagship plans that come with the essential hardware.

3. Wi-Fi 6

If you like flooding video or playing games online, you get faster internet connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 with the new iPhone 11 series! The hardware competences are industrialized for improved connectivity and quicker speeds — up to gigabits per second. Faster wireless internet Will recover your general online experience.

4. Haptic touch

We cannot talk about iPhone 11 tips and tricks deprived of stating the Haptic Touch feature. Haptic Touch lacks the sensitivity to the weight you may be used to with 3D Touch. There are notable changes amid the gestures with 3D Touch and Haptic Touch.
For instance, ‌with 3D Touch, you can press all over the iOS keyboard to turn it into a cursor. With Haptic Touch, you are obligated to press on the space bar. Small adjustments like these might slow you down at first, but as time goes by you won’t even sign the change!

5. Dark Mode

Again, we cannot talk about iPhone 11 tips and tricks without stating dark mode. The feature is calculated to turn down the illumination of your iPhone’s border. It is supposed to source less eye strain and can also save your iPhone’s battery. With dark mode, the iPhone gets an overall dimmer color layout and a darker wallpaper along with grey-themed icons and a keyboard.
To turn on dark mode on iPhone 11, simply say, “Hey, Siri, turn on Dark Mode”
If you don’t need to use Siri, you can tap the Locations icon
Go to Display & Brightness
Then choose between light and dark mode!
If you typically stay up late at night staring at your smartphone, you should certainly give the dark mode a try.

6. Wireless Charging

The iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max features wireless charging coils built into it for seamless wireless accusing. The Cupertino-based make uses the Qi wireless charging normally. You might have heard of Qi charging before. That’s right — sufficiently of Android phones provision it as well! This also means you can get any Qi-certified charger and care for your device wirelessly. This brand’s charging easier everywhere you go!

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