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addressing modes
addressing modes

Types of Addressing Modes in 8086

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Types of Addressing Modes in 8086:-

There are several addressing modes in Assembly language. Three modes are very important which are.

  1. Register Addressing.
  2. Memory Addressing.
  3. Immediate Addressing.


Addressing modes in 8086 computer architecture
  1. Register Addressing.

    1. Register Addressing mode is that in which one operand is Register and other operand is Register, constant or expression. Syntax.
        1. Add Ax,6
        2. Mov Ax,bl

3.Memory Addressing.

In this addressing mode, one operand is always memory location and other is Register, Memory Location or constant.

Load R1,@200

Load the content of memory address stored at memory address 200 to the register R1.

4. Direct Addressing.

Direct addressing is a scheme in which the address specifies which memory word or register contains the operand.


LOAD R1, 100	  Load the content of memory address 100 to register R1.

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