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What is Computer Hardware Components in Urdu Hindi

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What is Computer Hardware Components in Urdu Hindi:-

computer_hardware components

Hardware is a physical component of a computer system. it refers to the electromechanical parts and devices that make up a computer generally hardware is categorized according to which of the five basic computer operation it performs

central Processing Unit


storage devices

input devices

output devices

CPU types

microprocessor or CPU is often described as the brain of a computer CPU is integrated chip IC chip which processes instructions and data

Memory RAM

Random Access Memory waiting room for computer CPU holds instructions for processing data processed data and raw data

Storage Technology

Electronic devices that store retrieve and save instructions and data today’s microcomputers or PCS include several types of storage devices magnetic storage devices optical storage devices hard disc drives floppy disc drive CD ROM drive other types of drives zip drive tape drives DVD drives

Input devices

input is all information put into a computer input can be supplied from a variety of sources a person a storage device on computer another computer Peripheral device input devices primary input devices keyboard mouse trackball joystick scanners digital cameras

Output devices

monitors are the most commonly used output device.


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